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The TaylorMade SpeedBlade iron features an improved Speed Pocket design (3-7 iron) which delivers higher launch characteristics and faster ball speed across a larger area of the club face.
TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons specs

Prior to the BMW Championship last year, TaylorMade unveiled the SpeedBlade iron.  While not their first iron with Speed Pocket technology, it is the longest and widest Speed Pocket yet.  TaylorMade claims that this offers golfers more ball speed, higher launch, and more distance.

Once golfers experience the Speed Pocket in the SpeedBlade, they are instantly hooked. The Speed Pocket combines with an ultra-thin face and deep undercut to give players ideal clubface flex for faster ball speed off impact. These sharp-looking irons improve overall performance from the longest iron to the shortest metalwood. For irons that deliver higher launch, improved distance and superior feel, play the TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade.

Let's start with the one performance trait that everyone cares about: distance.  To no one's surprise, the TaylorMade SpeedBlades are long.  Compared to my current irons, the 6-iron is about 13 yards longer and the 5-iron is even longer than that.

I hear you, haters.  The lofts are just jacked up and the shafts are too long.  They just stamped a ‘6' on a 5-iron."  Here's the problem: you're wrong.  If that were the case, I'd be the first one to run to the presses with a boldfaced review skewering TaylorMade for bamboozling golfers too dumb to know the difference, but it's not.  These irons are really special.

Here's the first thing that no one's talking about: shots from these irons land softly.  If this iron was just about "jacked up lofts," the shots would be rolling out like a driver down a burned out fairway.  They don't.  On average, shots from the SpeedBlades landed 1-3° more steeply than shots from my current irons.  That means these irons go farther and hold greens better.

The second thing no one's talking about: the distance in these clubs has been added intelligently.  You'll notice that the 8-iron through PW don't have Speed Pockets.  That's because they don't need them.  The PW from my forged "players" irons goes 135 yards, so does my SpeedBlade.  The SpeedBlade 9-iron is 2-3 yards longer than my current gamer.  The 8-iron is 5-6 yards longer.  You see where this is going.  TaylorMade didn't just make all your clubs longer, they improved the gapping between the irons so that they will connect to your fairway woods and hybrids better.

Finally, these clubs are really forgiving.  Hit the ball anywhere on the light grey portion of the face and you're going to get a decent result.  I was lucky (?) enough to have a horrid ball striking day during my first session with the SpeedBlades, and this magnified the difference between them and my old irons.  Thin shots in particular benefit tremendously from the Speed Pocket.

Overall, these irons are long, the shots land softly, and they are very forgiving.  What's not to love?


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